About Us 2 - WIP

We are Rakhael and Jishnu and we are 12 years old. 

This scary Covid - 19 pandemic changed our world. We could not go to school, play with our friends and worse - we saw many of our uncles, aunties, cousins, friends and neighbors losing their jobs or facing salary cuts.

We wanted to go back to the days before the pandemic and see less worried adult faces around us. So we decide to put a plan together to help our friends and family members out.

We asked ourselves the question “What makes everyone happy?” Inspired by our hunger..... we had our light bulb moment. FOOD!!!

Platform to be Masterchef

How about a platform for anyone who has a special recipe to sell their pre-prepared items and other specialities. This means raw materials that have been cut, cleaned, chopped, peeled, measured and prepared just for the buyer to follow the instructions and become their very own Masterchef. 

We got started.

With some adult supervision (very minimum - mainly our Papa’s credit card) we used the shopify platform, followed the instructions and built our very own website. Then we suddenly realised that we didn’t not have the ability to collect payments - so again, our Hero Papa’s came in to solve our issues.  

Juggling school work, sports, Fortnight Gaming (just an hour a day...we promise) and this project, it took us 2 months to build the website, convince our aunties and uncles to participate in providing their secret recipes and yes….we are ready to launch! 

Watch our story

Watch us cook

We suited our apron's up and started making burgers. 

We went the extra mile. We finished our burgers almost immediately :)). Boy, do we take our jobs seriously. 

You can try them yourselves, get those yummy chicken burger patties

We kept learning

Both our papas and mamas encouraged and taught us to keep learning and getting better. With the help of youtube's "how to" guides - we started learning about Shopify features to improve the site, how to take photo's and more importantly - we also kept improving our eating. We simply practiced more :)

Thanks to Uncle Rajesh, we have our first corporate customer. In such a short time, we got the Deepavali hampers ready (yes, we got help from everyone).

Whats more impressive, we delivered 23 hampers, at different locations, in a SINGLE day. We even shared some cookie samples with the police who was working to keep the city safe during Covid-19. 

Talk to us

If you're interested to request cookie samples, recommend us a yummie product, buy any of our customisable products and hampers, share copyright free music or to simply say hello.

Watsapp us at 012 - 11111111

- Or -

Email us at yummie@cookeasy.my

As a final reminder

Remember to laugh

Happy quote :

Think about how much better you feel when you hear a funny story. Laughter is good for the digestion, good for the mind, and helps us cope with the stress we face in our daily lives today

J. Thomas Murphy, Laughter is Still the Best Medicine 




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