Indian Tomato Rasam
Indian Tomato Rasam

Indian Tomato Rasam

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Try our homemade Indian Tomato Rasam. Easy to cook and delicious to eat.  

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Benefits: Good for digestion, anti-stress, and help to cure cold & cough.

This package contains the  following items:

  • Ingredients
    1. Rasam Powder
    2. Mustard seeds
    3. Dry chillies
    4. Urad dhal
    5. Garlic
    6. Salt
    7. Tomato
    8. Green chilli
    9. Coriander leave
  • Cooking Instruction
    1. Cut 3 tomatoes blend it and mix with 500ml water.
    2. Heat 1sp. oil in a wok add the mustard seed, urad dhal, dry chilli (given in the packet)
    3. Add green chilli and pounded garlic.
    4. Add RASAM powder. cook for 3 min.
    5. When slight foam formed on top add coriander leaf and switch off the flame.

  • QR Code: Link to cooking instruction Video 

  • NOT Included in this  package (You need to add)

    1. Water
    2. Oil/Ghee