We learned about e-commerce data

We learned about e-commerce data

Reviewing with data

Now that Deepavali is over and we're settled down, we decided to review what we did well and what we didn't do well with our website. This is very important because it helps us continuously improve and provide a better experience for our customers. To get started, we looked at data :)))

We Googled "what is data?" and got blessed by many many many words describing data. Very little made sense to us though :) But we learned something! Our oldies like many many many words :) and didn't bother making learning easier. 

We then turned to our 2nd best friend, YouTube and searched "data analytics for kids". Thankfully, we found a video from AirAsia :))). A data scientist from AirAsia explained data to Rishan, who is only 8 years old in a simpler way.  

Watch Kids Interview a Data Scientist :)

Keeping customers happy, with data

Getting more interested, we then got the help of M, our less oldie uncle to learn about e-commerce data and how we can use data to further improve ourselves. M has many years of digital experience so he taught us. When M first said "when we understand our customers better we can make them happier." We asked why?

He paused. He reminded us about why we started. Please read the story if you're interested  About Us

We first started the website to make our aunty happy because she can sell her homemade cookies online. M says that we now have many aunties selling on our website :) and we are responsible for them. When our customers are happy they will support us more and as a result, our aunties will be happier because they sell more cookies :) (we don't have any uncles selling yet)

We learned and made a video

There are many uses of e-commerce data. To get started, we learned about data to understand our customers; who they are, where are they from and what are their preferences. With these data, we can :
  • Improve how we do digital marketing in social media and other sources
  • Improve the products and customer experience on our website
  • Improve our customer service
We decided to make a video about what we learned. Watch the video here

We learn in 5 minutes : E-commerce data. 

Data quote

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. - Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard