We completed all deliveries :)

We completed all deliveries :)

Delivering Hampers & Cookies  :)

We’re always excited when we get hamper orders. It makes all of us to come together and support each other to get the hampers completed. Most excitingly, it gives us a chance to package the cookies and wrap the hampers in our very own creative way :)

Being careful and safe

The quality of our deliveries are very important to us. Since we sell homemade cookies and other food items that can get easily damaged during delivery, we are careful when we’re handling the hampers and cookies. We keep them safe before delivering to you, we even use seatbelts :))) 

We did it :)))

Thanks to the continuous effort and determination of our papas, we completed all deliveries before Deepavali. Our papas met many lovely customers who supported us and shared many encouraging words. We loved it! 
We did many many many deliveries the week before Deepavali covering large areas in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Bangi. There were so many orders that we got the help of the community to be our temporary delivery agents.
Our papas told us that this is very good because we can create more jobs for people. They encouraged us to keep going and do better because we can then help more people. 

Customer service Quote

To the customer, you are the company - Shep Hyken