Our first month :)

Our first month :)

First month milestones :) 

After launching our very own "Masterchef making platform", we naively thought that we're gonna be playing more Fortnite again. Our papa's and mama's reminded us that the actual hardwork has not started and we have much more things to do. Initially, we didn't believe them. 

We started cooking :))

As always, we got really excited. But that's because deep down within our tummies, we knew we were gonna eat some food shortly. We cooked burgers, chapatis and many more. This was really fun as we always do funny things and end up laughing at each other (that's our way of saying we always end up messing things up :)) )

We got our first corporate customer :))

We got down to work very quickly as soon as the order was confirmed. We did this together with our friends and family members. We packed and wrapped all the items in such a short time. This was really tiring but since we were accompanied by ice cream and McDonalds, we managed it.
What's more impressive, we delivered all 23 hampers in a single day, at various locations. We even shared some cookie samples with the police who was working to keep the city safe during Covid-19 movement restrictions.