December to Remember

December to Remember
2020 has been most transformative. We changed. We play less Fornite these days. We love our video games but we're doing cool'er things now.

We met Auntie Tan Lai Cheng 

We like to call her Auntie Tlc for tender, loving and care. We disturb her that way :))). 

It got started when Auntie's daughter, Su Ann contacted us on our website.

 We liked Auntie Tlc so much, we invited her over to speak to us. And we recorded it :)))
Watch us taste Auntie Tlc's cookies

Remember to try her Almond Chocolate Cookies and give her a thumbs up and say yes, yes, yes :)))

We're Refreshed for Chrizzie

We've updated our website for Chrizzie. We had fun dressing up as Santa's, taking pictures of products and more importantly, tasting all these lovely Yummies!!!

Christmas Quote :

Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling :)