A Lazy Family With A New Found Interest In Hiking 🥾⛰️

A Lazy Family With A New Found Interest In Hiking 🥾⛰️

Two years have passed…and this is what we have been up to. This is the story of how we turned our life around for the better!

After the second wave of Covid-19 started to slowly withdraw, our parents realized something about Rakhael and I, our computer addiction was slowly starting to show its true colors! The second lockdown had sent us back to our old gaming habit.

Before we knew it, all that we were doing was a constant cycle of online school and gaming over and over again. Slowly but surely our health was plummeting.

That's when our  parents decided that something drastic needed to be done. Once the pandemic ended and we moved into an endemic state, our parents decided that we needed to be outdoors more; one with nature. As an incentive we were bought all sorts of gear; from shoes to bags to water bottles. In our little world we thought that these were back to school gear, but boy oh boy! At first, it started with small walks in our neighborhood, a few days on we progress to walks at parks and as we thought 7km walks were the limit they will push it - wham bam - we were hiking hills. Now, all the gifts in the form of gear made so much more sense. When we started, it was just us and now we have a group of friends who join us.

As we learnt more and more about hiking, we felt confident enough to try out new trails, as my late grandfather used to say "You should always try something at least once."

Over the last 8 months we have discovered and conquered 3 trails but we always end up coming back to our home trail, which was the first trail that we conquered!

Anyone can go hiking, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. At first we never enjoyed it as it we thought that it would be like an overpowering exercising session but it turned out to be fun as hiking is like a puzzle that we need to solve it piece by piece and what made it even more exciting is  when we took a bite of our amazing cookies; it was like a punch in the face of flavors and the sweetness gave us energy which made us look forward to the next hike. Great company, and yummy food does motive us to be out and about with nature. What used to be conversations about which game map to conquer, is now all about which trail to conquer, monitoring weather and most importantly picking which cookie to keep us company through our hike!